SAP Services

SAP Implementation & Rollouts

Quantas Technologies, SAP Implementation Services offers you the skilled and experienced technical, functional and BASIS consultants with the business experience, and proven AcceleratedSAP methodology and tools to cost-effectively implement the suite of SAP R/3 modules and applications. Since 1997, Quantas Technologies has established a solid reputation with our regional customers for delivering high-quality, on-time, on-budget implementation engagements. Our extensive team of certified SAP professionals, from project managers to individual SAP technical specialists, have the extensive "hands-on" experience to:-
scope and plan the implementation approach
  • Develop the Implementation Project Plan
  • Define, design and configure business processes
  • Configure, set up and test the underlying technical infrastructure
  • Consulting Services
  • Customize business transactions
  • Map the business processes and implement the suite of SAP modules
  • Perform Change Management through effective Knowledge Transfer and
    Education programs
  • Successful 'Go Live' and support
  • Period and Financial closing support
    Quantas Technologies employs industry Best Practices and implementation templates certified by SAP to achieve a rapid implementation without sacrificing quality and results.


    Release Upgrade

    Quantas Technologies utilizes an enhanced methodology for Release Upgrades based on SAP 's AcceleratedSAP (ASAP) methodology. As a key element of our Upgrade Services, our rapid implementation model is designed to cut the time and cost associated with technical and functional changes to the SAP R/3 system brought about by a release upgrade. Our mission is to streamline the upgrade process, improve the management of the project from beginning to end, ensure the quality and repeatability of upgrade tasks and ultimately, to bring our customers to full functionality in the shortest time possible.
    Discovery & Analysis Phase

    Your business needs should drive your upgrade process. Being aware of your requirements today and your requirements for the future, is the key to a successful upgrade. During this initial planning and intelligence-gathering phase, Quantas Technologies helps customers prepare their business for the upgrade, evaluate available options, and determine the pros and cons of each SAP release.

    Assessment Phase

    Using the information gathered about your business needs, Quantas Technologies works with you to evaluate the essential issues surrounding your upgrade strategy - timing, cost estimates, the budgeting process, risk analysis, etc. The Assessment Phase focuses on two primary areas:

  • Technical Assessment
  • Functional Assessment - Final Preparation Phase
    Final Preparation

    In the final preparation before launching the upgrade, the findings and analysis of the assessment phase are used to develop detailed project plans, budgets and cost estimates. Among the other critical pre-launch planning tasks and strategies, are the placement of action plans for repair and correction of custom objects, resource planning, cut-over plans to the new version, training schedules and more.

    Execution Phase and "Go Live" Support

    The purpose of this phase is to transit from a project-oriented, pre-productive environment to a successful and live productive operation. A support organization should be in place to service the new SAP R/3 user community to help manage change during the transition and to provide long term, ongoing support. During this phase, various system transactions are closely monitored and reviewed, and overall system performance is optimized. Finally, the actual project is closed out.

    Data Archiving & EDM

    When you implement business application software, application data archiving has to be taken into account right from the outset. Since volumes of transaction and master data can expand rapidly in the course of productive operations, you have to consider how to ease the pressure on the database.

    This rapid data growth has several inadvertent side effects:
  • Since the physical tables are usually stored on hard disks directly attached to the
    database server, an increase in hard disk requirements is unavoidable.
  • Due to an increase in administration effort for the database, maintenance windows (for
    example, for system backup) claim unacceptable amounts of time.
  • The increased number of rows per database table delays basic operations (for
    example, searching tables). The accumulation of these delays leads to a perceptible degradation of response times when accessing the database

    Another prime component for Archiving is the range of Electronic documents (Electronic Document Management), such as inbound and outbound documents, reports and print lists and desktop files, created by the SAP system.

    Quantas Technologies SAP Archiving Services offers you the Rapid Archive methodology is based on the established ASAP method. The important components of Quantas Technologies Archiving services are:
  • Data Archiving
  • Electronic Document Archiving & Management
  • Inbound documents
  • Outbound documents
  • Printlists & Reports


    Until recently, Business Intelligence (BI) solutions tended to focus on data warehousing and end-user reporting on a departmental basis. While organizations have gained enhanced reporting functionality, there are powerful, enterprise-wide BI strategies that can drive increased profitability through:

    This rapid data growth has several inadvertent side effects:
  • Better performance monitoring and enterprise performance management.
  • Empowering users at all levels of the organization to make quick, accurate decisions
  • The increased number of rows per database table delays basic operations (for
  • Cost savings and lower TCO through a decreased reliance on programmers to run
  • Improved quality and increased customer loyalty through better information exchange
  • Enhanced predictive capabilities

    The major challenge in adopting an enterprise approach to BI is getting the right information to the right users. Different data sources can be difficult to access or rationalize, and often users are not aware of all the information available to them.

    Quantas Technologies helps clients to take advantage of mySAP Business Intelligence, which provides the tools to address all components of a BI solution including:

  • Analytics
  • Strategic Enterprise Management
  • Data Warehousing
  • ETL

    Quantas Technologies consultants will work with you to identify the best solution for your business. Our approach relies on an effective combination of standard management reporting and the targeted use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the Balanced Scorecard methodology. Using these tools, management can meaningfully communicate, monitor and adjust operational tactics so that they are designed to achieve their strategic goals.

    Building on the Business Performance Management Solution blueprint, we develop a detailed technical design for your Business Intelligence system. Our extensive experience with SAP and our deep understanding of open, standards-based technologies ensures seamless integration between SAP Business Intelligence and your existing systems. We will clearly outline how Quantas Technologies will combine data from SAP and your other systems to create the meaningful comparisons and consolidations required.

    To reduce the possibility of data misinterpretation or distrust of data integrity, we also present a plan for handling any inconsistencies in terminology and treatment of transactional data across different departments. Tried-and-tested modeling techniques will be utilized to promote low total cost of ownership and help you maximize your investment. Finally, requirements for middleware or third-party tools that may be beneficial will be identified.

    In the Development phase, the actual system is constructed and tested. Tasks in this section of the implementation methodology are generally broken down into teams for data sourcing and for creating the forms, reports and queries. Upon successful user acceptance, final user training is provided and plans are made to take the implementation live.

    Once your implementation is complete, we can provide user training and knowledge management tools, along with a broad range of other services and support, to ensure that your solution performs at the highest levels.


    Delivering first-rate customer service and a customer-centric approach to business are not new concepts in the business world. However, until recently, the technologies and strategies to support these key business drivers were not widely available.

    Today, with the right technology, enterprises can develop a deeper understanding of their customers, increase market share, retain customer loyalty, and make each customer interaction a favorable one.™ CRM provides the tools, and Quantas Technologies provides the experience, to help organizations take full advantage of today’s CRM technology to develop business value around their most valuable asset—the customer.

    We begin by working with your organization to develop an overall CRM approach and strategy. Next, we work with you to break these objectives into a series of executable projects. By implementing in “bite-sized” increments, we can help you deliver measurable project success early in the engagement process.

    Our consultants’ functional knowledge, technical skills and understanding of all necessary points of integration allow Quantas Technologies to customize a CRM solution that meets the specific needs of your company. We focus on the specific components that are most applicable to your business, leveraging the sophisticated tools within CRM to design solutions that maximize the customer experience and exceed customer expectation. We accomplish this by focusing on real-time tools supporting service delivery, service quality, and customer personalization.

    Our mySAP CRM services cover the following areas:
    Contact and Account Management
    Sales Opportunity Qualification & Management
    Product Proposal Generation
    Sales Cycle Analysis, Sales Forecasting, and Analytical CRM
    Field Sales Force Management
    Inbound & Outbound Telesales
    Web Auctions
    Lead Generation and Tracking
    Product Recommendations & Cross-Selling
    Catalog Management
    Marketing Planning and Campaign Management
    Data Mining, Reporting, and Customer Analytics
    Retain customers and improve customer interactions with:
    Customer Service & Information Help Desk
    Web Customer Support & Self-Service
    Technical Support & Solutions Database
    Complaints & Returns Processing

    Oracle Services

    Quantas has used Oracle technologies as a powerful tool for implementing enterprise solutions. However, if previously we used Oracle only on projects for our large clients. Today AS-IS makes Oracle solutions available for Small and Medium sized Businesses as the use of this technology is often crucial for clients' organic growth.

    We are proud to report that including projects in the following areas: Internet services, Telecommunications, Publishing, Asset Management, Workflow Automation and Job Tracking, Billing.

    Technical capabilities

    We've made good use of Oracle Application Server for the creation of three-tier architecture applications and of Oracle Discoverer for the development of analytical systems. Our technical capabilities include: Oracle Database (SQL, PL/SQL, object capabilities), Oracle Text, interMedia, Oracle Discoverer , Oracle Application Server, Oracle Portal , Reports Developer, Forms Developer , SP & PSP, OC4J, Oracle e-Business Suite.